What In The Dell Is CAMM RAM Anyways? 4

What In The Dell Is CAMM RAM Anyways?

Semi-Proprietary Flat Pack Memory Dell CAMM was announced yesterday to mixed reactions, with some impressed that Dell Precision mobile workstations will ship with 128GB of RAM and many others expressing concerns about the somewhat proprietary nature of this new type of memory module.   It is the second point that most techies are focussing on as […]

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Dell’s Spring Laptop Lineup 6

Dell’s Spring Laptop Lineup

Including A Portable Workstation That Meets Intel’s Evo Specifications Laptops have rebounded from the shortage plague more quickly that many other devices, and there are new models of Dell you can take a peek at if you are interested.  The one really work mentioning is the new 14″ Precision 5470, not to be confused with […]

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