be quiet! Pure Base 500 FX Case Review 5

be quiet! Pure Base 500 FX Case Review

Case airflow seemed to really help the tower cooler manage temps with the tested 11th Gen Core i9 processor (power limits were enforced, hence the temps only in the 60s), and in spite of the airflow boost (I’m assuming) the relatively small size of this enclosure affected load temps with the RTX 2080 FE card […]

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Big, Bigger, Lian Li Lancool 3

The New Lancool 3 Is Not Easily Dragged To A LAN Party The Lian Li Lancool series used to be famous for low cost and high portability, but with the lack of LAN parties nowadays we haven’t seen a new version in quite some time.  For the new series, including the Lancool 3, Lian Li […]

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