Pokemon game commands/help

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Favourite Pokémon

You can set any Pokémon as a favourite in your team by typing !setpokemon (Pokémon) and if you want to unfavorite that Pokémon just type !resetpokemon.
Setting a Favorite Pokémon comes with benefits such as: Increasing the Bond level with your Pokémon and setting it as: (Main Fighter: Attacks and Defends when a Pokémon is not specified in battle)
!pokedex will let you see your favourite Pokémon’s stats otherwise show a random Pokémon.


A team is like a team with your favourite Pokémon. A team can only have up to 6 Pokémon.
Typing !team will show your entire team.
!addteam (Pokémon) will add a Pokémon that you OWN into your team.
You can remove any character from your team using !kickteam (Pokémon).

Pokémon Battles

Using !battle (player) (Pokémon) you can battle anyone to train and level up your Pokémon’s stats such as: EXP, Attack, Defense, and Bond. If you type !battle (player) it will use a random Pokémon in your team.
Battles are calculated by your and your opponent’s Pokémon stats.

Requirements: Both players must have a team with at least one character in it.

!battle someguy charizard = Charizard [HP:100] used Mega Punch on Squirtle [HP:80]! inflicting 20 damage while receiving 2 damage.
!battle someguy =  Pikachu [HP:100] used Mega Punch on Squirtle [HP:80]! inflicting 20 damage while receiving 2 damage.

As you can see in the first example you can choose any Pokémon in your team to fight your opponent. The opponent’s Pokémon is selected randomly if he or she doesn’t have one set as a main.

When a player’s Pokémon HP reaches 0 it means that Pokémon is now K.O.’d and can’t fight. You will need to use a candy on that pokemon to revive it back.


Bosses are the big tough fighters with immense attack power and hit points. It’s a high-risk high reward feature.
You can battle the boss with !boss (Winner comes the next boss)

A boss will be generated with 2500 HP and Attack 200-800 including Defense 600-800. Whoever defeats the boss will be rewarded and a new boss will be generated when someone types !boss
Default rewards for defeating the boss is: 10,000 points and 10 candy.


Using !pokefile will bring up information such as the amount of Pokemon you’ve caught, candy you have and your Win/Lose ratio.
You can reset your win/lose ratio using !resetratio


You unlock candy randomly when catching a Pokémon. You can check how much candy you’ve collected by typing !candy or !pokefile. Candy can be used to restore a Pokémons HP to 100, increase your Pokémon’s EXP by 100, Attack by 1-2, Defense by 1-2 and Bond by 1% all at once. Maximum 120000 EXP = level 100

To use your candy on a Pokémon just type !candy (Pokémon) or if you want to use more than one on that same Pokémon type: !candy (amount) (Pokémon)


!attribute For details on how to use. You can change a pokemon attribute to be any of the types like Water, Fire, Leaf and etc.