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  • PS4 sold “twice as many” units as Xbox One, new court papers show
    New court documents have confirmed that Sony’s PS4 console sold “twice as many” units as Microsoft’s Xbox One during last-gen’s “console wars”. Confirmation comes via Brazilian court papers wherein Microsoft is defending its acquisition of Activision Blizzard in front of the Brazilian competition authority, CADE. Eurogamer Newscast: Are Sony and Microsoft’s squabbles over Call of […]
  • Today’s Wordle 421 answer and hint: Sunday, August 14
    Audio player loading… You’ll find a clue to help you solve today’s Wordle just a short scroll away, and if you keep going you’ll see the answer to the August 14 (421) puzzle just below that. I can also offer you a wide range of tips as well as links to our Wordle guides too—whatever […]
  • You can be Master Chief in Yakuza 0 because mods are magical
    Audio player loading… You know how Kiryu, protagonist of Yakuza 0, is super strong and can throw people at other people and generally deliver an unspeakable beatdown on all those he encounters? You know who else can do that? Superhuman Spartan John-117, the Master Chief, protagonist of the Halo series. Now, one modder whose favorite […]
  • Podcast #689 – Ryzen 7000 RAM Speed, NVIDIA’s Bad Quarter, Intel Arc Pro GPUs, Hackaday Prizes, Quantum Computing Fail and MORE
    News is first, and while it may be mid-August of 2022, NVIDIA had a bad quarter in Q2 2023 already. Not the first thing we’d do if time travel was realized, but it takes all kinds. We also discuss reports of the AMD Ryzen 7000 DDR5 sweet spot, look at some re-purposed retro tech from […]
  • The person responsible for adding – and removing – PT from the PSN store speaks for the first time
    The person responsible for putting PT onto the Sony storefront – as well as having to take it back off again – has spoken about the situation for the first time. Pearl L., who was Konami’s first-party lead at the time, took to Twitter to talk candidly – and diplomatically – about the time the […]
  • Capcom producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi leaves after 27 years to join NetEase
    Producer Hiroyuki Kobayashi has parted ways with Capcom after 27 years. Whilst Kobayashi left Capcom on 1st March 2022, he chose 12th August – his 50th birthday – to make the announcement that he had left the famed Japanese company to take up another producer position at NetEase. Eurogamer Newscast: Are Sony and Microsoft’s squabbles […]
  • Season 6: Devil May Cry 4 | Video Gameography
    Let’s rock, baby! Season 6 of Video Gameography gets stylish as we examine the Devil May Cry series! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be covering the history and lore of Capcom’s premiere action franchise, and this episode takes aim at the lauded yet somewhat polarizing Devil May Cry 4.  Devil May Cry 4 took the series […]
  • All Genshin Impact codes from the version 3.0 livestream
    Audio player loading… Genshin Impact codes are a big part of the livestream that airs every couple of months. People tune in to find out what’s coming in the game, but also to get some free Primogems they can use to wish on the upcoming characters. This time we’re getting our first fully-fledged look at […]
  • Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ Shattering Spectreglass DLC “expands the endgame experience”
    Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands’ fourth DLC chapter, Shattering Spectreglass, is out now, “expanding the endgame experience” with a new class, better character creation options, a new boss, and “incredible loot”. Available for no extra cost for those who already own the season pass – and to buy separately for those who don’t – Shattering Spectreglass ushers […]
  • Some of your old favs show up in a new Jagged Alliance 3 gameplay trailer
    Audio player loading… Today’s THQ Nordic Digital Showcase included another look at Jagged Alliance 3, which we haven’t seen since last year. (opens in new tab) It’s a bit of recap of what we saw last year, but there’s also a few minutes of new gameplay footage that evokes the old series pretty heavily. In […]
  • Patriot Viper VPR400, 1TB Of RGBs
    Need A Little DRAM-less TLC? The Patriot Viper VPR400 RGB 1TB is currently selling for $128 on Amazon, which is not bad for a PCIe 4.0 NVMe 1.4 SSD but not spectacular; not even as good as Josh’s pick from this week’s PCPer Podcast.  Then again, not many of those competitor’s heatspreaders are this luminescent […]
  • This Week on Xbox: New Game Pass Additions, Updates, and Events
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  • Here’s everything shown during tonight’s THQ Nordic showcase
    The all-consuming IP hoover that is THQ Nordic has done a showcase! Mixing a nostalgia-baiting slate of 90s revivals with some intriguing newcomers, it was a surprisingly busy one too. So if you missed it and find yourself eager for updates on previously announced titles like Outcast 2, Jagged Alliance 3, and Gothic, plus some […]
  • Another SFF From Geekom, MiniAir 11
    An Even Less Expensive SFF Option The Geekom MiniAir 11 is about half the price of the Geekom Mini IT8, and as you should expect it is a little less powerful as well, but don’t let that dissuade you.  Instead of an 8th gen Core i5-8259U it has an 11th generation Celeron N5095, newer technology […]