TWG Game Servers

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Most of our Community Game servers are open to the public for all to enjoy (exception is our bedrock Minecraft server).

TWG Game Servers 1

We have a Java Minecraft Server on the IP: this server has full anti grief and block logging capabilities to prevent Griefing.

TWG Game Servers 2

We also have a Team Fortress 2 Server on the IP: this is a great game that can be found for free on steam and can be a great amount of fun with friends.



TWG Game Servers 3

We also run a system that can allow consoles to join Dedicated Minecraft Bedrock servers this can be used several different ways but more information can be found in our forums.


If you enjoy these services please do consider supporting us to cover costs you can do this in the game server store or in our donation page here.

Or you can support us with Kofi