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Server Economy Commands

Base Commands:

- /money

Shows your money in your chat.
- /bank <on/off>
Disable/enable scoreboard with money.
- /shopList
This command lists all available adminshops.
- /shop <shopname>
You can only open a shop if the shop has the same name then a job and you joined this job. e.x. Shopname: Miner | Jobname: Miner
- /pay <playername> <amount>
With this command you can pay another player your money


- /playershop create <shopname> <size (9,18,27...)>

The size has to be a multible of 9.
- /playershop delete <shopname>
Deletes a shop. All stored items are gone!!!
-/playershop move <shopname> <x> <y> <z>
- /playershop changeOwner <shopname> <new owner>
- /playershop addItem <shopname> <material> <slot> <amount> <sellPrice> <buyPrice>

If you only want to set your item for offer, set buyPrice = 0 and vice versa.
For materialname see below.
- /playershop removeItem <shopname> <slot>
BE CAREFULLY: All stored items of this type are gone.

- /playershop addEnchantedItem <shopname> <material> <slot> <amount> <sellPrice> <buyPrice> [<enchantment> <lvl>]

You can use every material and every enchantment, but the plugin enchants only enchantable materials with all possible enchantments.
Available enchantments:
You can use all avaiable vanilla enchantments. If the enchantment includes a space like "aqua_affinity" write aqua_affinity.

- /playershop addPotion <shopname> <potionType> <potionEffect> <extended/upgraded/none> <slot> <amount> <sellprice> <buyprice>

Extended means short or long duration.
Upgraded means potion effect lvl like regeneration/regeneration II.
Just write extended, upgraded or none in this parameter.

All PotionEffects are available:

night_vision, invisibility, jump, fire_resistance, speed, slowness, water_breathing, turtle_master (slowness & resistance), instant_heal, instant_damage, poison, regen, strength, weakness, luck, slow_falling

Fill/Refill player shop:

To fill items in your player shop sell the items to your shop. You don't have to pay for it. To see the stored items press the middle mouse button. To get back to the normal shop view press it again.

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