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Create a Town - TBA


- /town create <townname>
The player found a new town. The command can only executed in a active townworld.
At the location you are standing on the townmanager villager will spawn. In the townmanager villager players can join and leave the town.
- /town delete <townname>
The player deletes his town. The command can only executed in a active townworld.
- /town expand <townname>
The player expands his town with a new plot. A plot is a chunk. The command can only executed in a active townworld and on a chunk that is connected to your town.
The price for the expanding gets payed from the town bank.
- /town addCoOwner <townname> <playername>
This command adds a player as coowner to the town. The coowner has all permissions in the town like the owner except the permission to add other coowners and to delete the town.
- /town setTownSpawn <townname>
The player sets the townspawn a town. Only the townowner can execute this command in a townworld inside his town.
- /town bank <townname>
Returns the bank account amount of a town. Only the town owner can see this amount.
- /town moveTownManager
Moves the townmanager villager to the location you are standing on. Can only be executed inside a town by the townowner.
- /town plot setForSale <price>
Can be executed by the town owner or by a owner of the plot you are standing on. This commands sets the chunk/plot you are standing on for sale. The command spawns a sale villager on your position where other players can buy this plot from you.
- /town tp <townname>
Can be executed by everyone. Teleports you to the townspawn of the specific town.
- /town pay <townname> <amount>
Can be executed by every player. You can pay money from your account to the account of a town.

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