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Plugin issues

Morning Boss, a few of the plugins did not survive the move by the looks of things ( dragon slayer, Mob hunting to be specific). So i recreated the twg server plugins on my own server and played around with them as it it sensible not to mess with a production setup until  things are fully explored and bugs/ undocumented features are found, bagged and tagged ...if you get my drift. Dragon slayer was first as it is the simplest one to tweak . the player statue/ npc of the current dragonslayer  caused an issue as it seems to convince(?) the server that it is a real player. So Armour stand is my choice.  I think gold Armour may look best as netherite is sooo chav  diamond is too easy to get these days and blah blah. As for placement i just put it out the way whilst still being kinda prominent.

Ultimate Economy is next ( I joined their discord) they know about the issues with vault and are working on it. However the Ghost shops are a pain....create a shop, delete the shop create a shop with a different name same trades and you get 2 npc's that are the same shop - weird. on one occasion i renamed the guy and even after a restart it's still there. This doesn't occur every time as i have tried it quite often I shall not make this known to players as it will cause problems i am sure. gonna restart the server and see if they get deleted this time. You may wish to raise a ticket with the Devs on this one as i have searched the discord and found a lot of queries relating to them not appearing and nowt about them not disappearing other than the advice to do a server stop start ( generally i have done [plugin-name] reload then stop server start server). after deleting a playershop, having them still hang around even after a server restart. one can rename them.

ok worse case we can look at a different plugin if need be
(moving this thread to the support section)