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Issues with the web store

Hi Wolfie,

I have just tried purchasing claim blocks and intended making a donation to your cause, seeing as i haven't been as supportive as one would like.

  1. i cannot buy claim blocks. each time i try all i get is "enter Minecraft user name to continue"  nothing happens when i click to button.
  2. I cannot make a donation.....Have you deleted that bit?  Nowt wrong with just asking for a few quid!
  3. That Bloody dragon has gone on vacation again ...It's been about a month now. See if you can sort it.
  4. Lastly Happy Easter I am back at work and loving it!!
  5. Get the store working so i can buy you a beer.

Derp, I embedded the store instead of just linking it but that is fixed now as for general donations that can be done via here


As for dragon, I will look into it also there are some updates that I will do tonight/tomorrow