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Category: Support

How Can a Viewer Support Their Favourite Streamer?

Watch their stream when you are able Every viewer counts, less average viewers a streamer have, the more every single one matters. Even If you are going to lurk a quick Hi will make their day Every single streamer will tell you that people in chat make their days. If you enjoy their content drop […]

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Multistreaming directly from a console (Without PC)

You might want to stream on another platform or like to stream on multiple platforms but don’t have the equipment or bandwidth to do this. this basic guide can be used to steam from Xbox to mixer and Twitch or PS4 to twitch and mixer or even other platforms like the upcoming Dlive 1) Start […]

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Types of Windows Licence Keys

Quite often I have been asked about the types of windows licensing so I hope this will help others in the future šŸ™‚ When it comes to purchasing licenses for Windows there are a number of different channels that you can purchase through. The most common license types areĀ RetailĀ (FPP (Full Packaged Product)),Ā OEMĀ (Original Equipment Manufacturer), andĀ Volume […]

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