Now Available on Steam - Squad 6

Now Available on Steam – Squad

Squad is Now Available on Steam! Squad is a tactical FPS that provides authentic combat experiences through teamwork, constant communication, and gameplay. It bridges the large gap between arcade shooter and military simulation with 100 player battles, combined arms combat, base building, and a great integrated VoIP system

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Relicta Relicta is a first-person puzzle game whose main mechanics combine magnetism and gravity. The player is equipped with a pair of special gloves that allow them to change the magnetic and gravitational properties of experimental cubes scattered around each level. These cubes can be moved by the player, either carrying them bodily or using […]

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Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout Fall Guys is a massively multiplayer party game with up to 60 players online in a free-for-all struggle through round after round of escalating chaos until one victor remains. Publisher: Devolver Digital Release Date: Aug 04, 2020 Keep up on our latest reviews

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