RIP Sir Clive Sinclair 4

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair

An Inspiration To A Generation Of Programmers Sir Clive Sinclair was a pioneer in the early age of personal computing, starting Sinclair Radionics in the 1960s after leaving a career in tech journalism.  He started out small, designing transistor radios, Hi-Fi components, and even an early LED digital watch, eventually branching out into small TVs […]

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Boolean Computation On DNA … Sort Of 6

Boolean Computation On DNA … Sort Of

Small Steps Towards A DNA Computer There is a prototype Microfluidic Processing Unit, also known as a DNA computer, doing simple boolean calculations at the South Korean Incheon National University.  The prototype is made of a scaffolding of 3D printed single-stranded DNA templates which are capable of pairing with complimentary sequences and output another DNA […]

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Splish Splash A Mouse Was Taking A Bath 8

Splish Splash A Mouse Was Taking A Bath

Testing SteelSeries Aerox 3 Wireless’ IP54 Rating Technically an IP54 rating is splash resistant as opposed to being waterproof, so while you won’t see the Aerox 3 Wireless actually submerged in Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN’s investigation but you will see a can of Diet Coke poured on it.  SteelSeries advertised both the wireless and wired versions […]

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ExpressVPN Just Got SuperFish-y 12

ExpressVPN Just Got SuperFish-y

Ex Ad Injector Rebrands As A Security And Privacy Company ExpressVPN has been considered one of the better consumer VPNs on the market; with one major benefit being it is a British Virgin Islands company and not subject to the same laws as US based VPNs such as NordVPN.  It has just been purchased by […]

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