Go Off Your Gourd Playing Gord 1

Go Off Your Gourd Playing Gord

Imagine Trying To Run A Village In BloodRayne Today you may learn for the first time that a fortified wooden settlement in medieval Slavic populated by free men was sometimes called a Gord.  The reason to bring this up is the newly announced game from Covenant, a studio run by former CD Projekt Red producer […]

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Gaming In 2021, What’s Coming? 7

Gaming In 2021, What’s Coming?

Can’t Buy Hardware, But You Can Still Buy Games So far 2021 has been a quiet year for PC Gaming, with little new content released since New Years but that will change in the not too distant future.  Techspot is certainly excited about a few games and they’ve listed them out in case you have […]

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Surviving Mars Lives On 9

Surviving Mars Lives On

And It Is Free Until March 18th On Epic If you have any love of city builders then pick up Surviving Mars from the Epic store today and tomorrow, and consider dropping a bit of cash on the DLCs while they are 50% off.  It is a relatively complex game, after all Mars is a […]

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