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Author: ThatWelshGit

Should We Use Affiliate Links?

I have been asked a few times why I have affiliate links or if others should use affiliate links. In my mind why not if someone was going to buy said product or service anyway then why not ask them or offer a link that can support their favourite creator or community be it yourself […]

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I am kinda Excited about the new Xbox Gamepass Ultimate

New Game Pass Ultimate is a great deal compered to paying almost £20 a month

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Are laser Printers Worth The Outlay?

Is it Worth Spending the extra money for a laser printer? Here is my experience

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Thank You for Patreon Supporters

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Beta Orinoco Discord bot

Audio: audioset Music configuration options. audiostats Audio stats. bump Bump a track number to the top of the queue. disconnect Disconnect from the voice channel. llsetup Lavalink server configuration options. local Local playback commands. now Now playing. pause Pause or resume a playing track. percent Queue percentage. play Play a URL or search for a […]

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