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Author: ThatWelshGit

What Is TWGbot

Some may wonder why TWGbot posts in the Game offers TWGbot goes out to find the latest offers as soon as they are released and brings them here. This helps to bring the offers especially if they are available for a limited amount of time. Don’t worry TWGbot’s posts will not bog down you finding main […]

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Why I stream??

While I am streaming I get asked many questions from, why are you playing games at your age? to do you want to make a living from streaming? I often have a bit of fun with the silly/trolling questions but when I get asked if I want to make a living from streaming it is something I […]

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What is going on?

Now you might be wanting to know what will be added here well there is a nice shiny forum to help all you awesome streamers and the awesome people who love to watch streamers. Not only that but as well helping to promote some awesome streams as well as myself ( This is my site […]

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