Alone in the Dark Spotlight – Hollywood talent and new gameplay

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Returning to the origin of survival horror with Alone in the Dark meant creating a faithful love letter for long-term fans, but also an accessible entry point for new players. Crafting a reimagining that modern gamers will love while staying true to the original experience takes time, and we’re happy to reveal that the wait is almost over – Alone in the Dark will release on PlayStation 5 on October 25.

The team at Pieces Interactive are die-hard Alone in the Dark fans, and knew exactly where to turn when it came to reimagining the game that gave birth to a genre. Creatively led by Mikael Hedberg, writer of horror classics Amnesia: The Dark Descent and SOMA, with creature designs from legendary Guillermo Del Toro collaborator Guy Davis, their vision for Alone in the Dark was a dream (or is that nightmare?) come true for us.