European Commission Approves Microsoft's Activision-Blizzard Acquisition 1

European Commission Approves Microsoft’s Activision-Blizzard Acquisition

Following an “in-depth” investigation, the European Commission has approved Microsoft’s proposed acquisition of Activision-Blizzard. The investigation began last November, with the commission citing Microsoft’s potential expansion into the cloud gaming market as a primary concern. This was just one of many roadblocks the company faced, including ongoing battles with America’s Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and […]

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Humanity Review - Becoming A People Person 3

Humanity Review – Becoming A People Person

Playing god is a familiar feeling for many video game genres, like action titles where your character is unstoppable or sims where you control everything. Roleplaying a god is rarely something I feel while playing puzzle games, but Humanity provides it in new and surprising ways. The unique style of puzzle solving uses directional signs […]

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