Feature: How Metroidvania ‘Afterimage’ Crafts A Gorgeous Visual Identity In A Crowded Genre

[embedded content]Subscribe to Nintendo Life on YouTube We’ve gushed plenty of times over the stunning-looking Metroidvania Afterimage by developer Aurogon Shanghai. From its beautiful animation style to stunning watercolour backgrounds and hand-drawn characters and world, amidst the bustling genre of Metroidvania, it stands out in the best possible way. The blend of colourful worlds and […]

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Destiny 2: Guardian Games 2023 Is Here 7

Destiny 2: Guardian Games 2023 Is Here

Greetings, Guardians. Today we welcome back Guardian Games! From May 2 to May 23, the annual celebration of our favorite classes and a time for friendly competition between our fellow Guardians will be available for all players. We’ve got new rewards, a returning game mode, class-based matchmaking, and another shot at getting the statue in […]

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