The First Limited-Time Pokémon Scarlet & Violet Tera Raid Battle Event Has Begun

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It’s been a week since the arrival of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet on the Nintendo Switch. In that time, the ninth generation has broken all sorts of sales records. Now, to celebrate the launch of the ninth generation, the first limited-time Tera Raid battle has begun.

This first event is an “Eevee Spotlight” from 25th November until 28th November. During this event, Eevee will appear “more frequently” in Tera Raid Battles. They’ll come with various Tera Types including – grass, fire and water. These events are “shrouded in a mysterious aura” and should be easy to spot on the map.

To participate, you’ll need to follow these steps:

“To encounter Pokémon featured in Tera Raid Battle events, you need to have downloaded the latest Poké Portal News. Poké Portal News will automatically download if your Nintendo Switch™ system is connected to the internet.

“You can also download the latest Poké Portal news by selecting Poké Portal from the X menu, then Mystery Gift, then Check Poké Portal News. You do not need a paid Nintendo Switch Online membership to receive the latest Poké Portal News.”

This limited-time Tera Raid Battle event will be followed by a Charizard one in December. You can find out more in our previous coverage.

Will you be joining in on the fun with other trainers around the globe? Tell us in the comments.