Nintendo’s Next Switch Game Trial Is Now Available To Online Subscribers

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If you happen to be a Switch Online subscriber and are eager to play something else outside of Mario Kart and all the usual offerings, why not try out the latest trial?

Nintendo has announced OBAKEIDORO! as its next free trial for Switch Online subscribers. It’s available in North America and Europe from now until November 1st.

This title is a “thrilling” asymmetric action game of cat and mouse, where humans have just three minutes to work together and escape from a monster. Players can experience the horror online or offline with up to 4 players.

Via Nintendo: “As a Human, don’t just simply run away! Use your Lantern Attack to fend off the Monster. If you time it just right, you might be able to turn the tides in your favor. As the Monster, utilizating your powerful skills is key to your victory. Use skills like Glide and Track to capture the Humans.”

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