Where to find haunted furniture in Fortnite 1

Where to find haunted furniture in Fortnite

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Where to find haunted furniture in Fortnite 2

Fortnite haunted furniture might not be something you thought you’d ever have to worry about but you’ll need to find and destroy seven pieces of it for one of the Fortnitemares quests. In this guide, I’ll explain what you need to know.

Fortnite’s Halloween event has been running for the last few weeks and you’ve had the chance to turn into a werewolf (opens in new tab) and take on the Inkquisitor boss (opens in new tab) as part of October’s seasonal celebrations. If you’re ready to start hunting down terrifying tables or spooky sofas, here’s where to find haunted furniture in Fortnite and how to destroy it for the quest. 

Fortnite haunted furniture: Where to find it 

In most circumstances, you’d find furniture inside a home or building and that seems to be the case for the haunted variety too. Your best bet is to head to an area of the map with plenty of buildings, so somewhere like Greasy Grove, Tilted Towers, or even Grim Gables are good options for finding freaky furniture.

If you’re wondering how you can tell if a piece of furniture is haunted or not, don’t worry. The furniture will be floating off the ground and will have a slightly misty aura to it, so it’s pretty easy to spot.

How to destroy haunted furniture 

Once you’ve found haunted furniture, you need to destroy it for it to count towards the Fortnitemares quest. You can either use a tool like a pickaxe or else you can just shoot the item to destroy it. The former is probably the better option as you won’t draw unwanted attention from other players who might also be in the area.