The Real-Life Splatoon X Pokémon T-Shirts Are Also Coming To Nintendo Australia

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Splatoon X Pokémon Splatfest
Image: Nintendo

Last week’s announcement of the Pokémon-themed Splatfest coming to Splatoon 3 in November introduced us to three particularly neat-looking t-shirts commemorating the collaboration. What started off as seemingly a virtual reward only, these soon were announced to be receiving a physical real-life release in New York’s Nintendo Store and in Pokémon Centers across Japan.

Today, Nintendo Australia has added to the list of retailers, confirming that the Water-, Fire- and Grass-Type Splatfest t-shirts will also be releasing for those living in Australia and New Zealand.

While we have no official announcement from any of the regions just yet as to when these tees will be available to buy, we do know that the next Splatfest will begin on November 11th – so surely they will have released by then.

Noticeably, this leaves Nintendo Europe as the last topless region (we mean without the Pokémon t-shirts, not literally topless). We are keeping our fingers crossed that a physical release is able to make the journey across the pond, but after today’s My Nintendo Store palaver, maybe a a t-shirt drop would be too much stress to handle.

Are you hoping to get your hands on a Splatfest t-shirt? Let us know which team you’re rooting for in the comments below!