Overwatch 2 double XP weekends are coming to make good on launch woes

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In keeping with the rule of live service launches, Overwatch 2 had a crappy first week. Matchmaking queues were interminable, two DDoS attacks brought the game down entirely, and many players experienced problems carrying over their progress —and heroes—from the original Overwatch. It was a bit of a mess.

Blizzard knows this, and after acknowledging it several times throughout the week since launch, the studio has now detailed some compensation. This will come in the form of “several” double match XP weekends, as well as a Cursed Captain Reaper legendary skin and Health Pack Weapon charm for anyone who logs in between October 25 and the end of season two. Here’s what those cosmetics will look like:

No word yet on when those double XP weekends will actually happen, but there will be several. Blizzard’s update (opens in new tab) also confirms that another patch is coming this week, linking to a live document outlining all known issues. These include an issue preventing users from accessing their owned heroes. “This is caused by an issue with our servers that tracks player progression,” the notes read, “we are working to get this issue resolved as quickly as possible.”

That’s a pretty serious issue, but less serious (at least, it’s funny) is the temporary suspension of Bastion and Torbjörn. The former is “taking a quick trip to the workshop” thanks to a gloriously busted ultimate (opens in new tab) that turned the robot into a riot of artillery strikes. Keep in game but nerf, Blizzard?