Destiny 2 lost sector rotation for the Season of Plunder

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Knowing the Destiny 2 lost sector rotation is a good way to get ahead of which mini-dungeons are coming up in the game, and what exotic armor type you can hope to farm from them. As with the last few seasons, Bungie has added some powerful exotic armor pieces that you can only get by running Legend or Master lost sector’s solo. There are also lots of exotics from previous seasons you can only get this way as well.

Since Legend and Master lost sectors can also reward you with any exotic, they are perfect for new players looking to farm those fancy armor pieces that they might have missed in past expansions and seasons. Here, I’ll list the current Legend and Master lost sector rotation, what the new exotic armor pieces are, as well as some tips on how to unlock these special Lost Sectors if you want to take them on.

What is the Destiny 2 lost sector today?

Here is the Legend and Master lost sector rotation for the next few weeks, as well as what exotic armor type you can earn for each. Bungie recently added the Perdition lost sector to rotation, so there is a chance more might appear before season’s end:

Date Lost Sector Destination Exotic type
October 7 Bunker E15 Europa Helmet
October 8 Perdition Europa Legs
October 9 The Conflux Nessus Arms
October 10 K1 Crew Quarters Moon Chest
October 11 K1 Logistics Moon Helmet
October 12 K1 Communion Moon Legs
October 13 Skydock IV EDZ Arms
October 14 Scavenger’s Den EDZ Chest
October 15 The Quarry EDZ Helmet
October 16 Excavation Site XII EDZ Legs
October 17 Concealed Void Europa Arms
October 18 Bunker E15 Europa Chest
October 19 Perdition Europa Helmet
October 20 The Conflux Nessus Legs
October 21 K1 Crew Quarters Moon Arms
October 22 K1 Logistics Moon Chest
October 23 K1 Communion Moon Helmet
October 24 Skydock IV EDZ Legs
October 25 Scavenger’s Den EDZ Arms
October 26 The Quarry EDZ Chest
October 27 Excavation Site XII EDZ Helmet
October 28 Concealed Void Europa Legs
October 29 Bunker E15 Europa Arms
October 30 Perdition Europa Chest
October 31 The Conflux Nessus Helmet
November 1 K1 Crew Quarters Moon Legs

After this, the order will continue as helmet, legs, arms and chest but we’ll update the following two weeks before that in case there are changes. You can also find a handy calendar of them all on TodayInDestiny (opens in new tab).

If you’re farming, the EDZ and Nessus lost sectors are generally a lot shorter than those added in expansions, so if Skydock IV, The Quarry, The Conflux, or Excavation Site XII match what you need, it’s well worth doing them when they come up. 

What are the new lost sector exotics?

While there is a variety of exotic armour you can only get by running Legend and Master lost sectors solo, there are three new pieces that have been added in the Season of Plunder:

  • Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk (Hunter): A chest piece that gives you and nearby allies a reserve Void overshield when you use a finisher while invisible, as well as making all enemies around you Volatile. It also boosts damage for a brief period after invisibility.
  • Fallen Sunstar (Warlock): This helmet improves the ability regen of Ionic Traces and the speed at which they are drawn to you. When you get one it also grants ability energy to nearby allies.
  • Point-Contact Cannon Brace (Titan): These gauntlets restore energy when you defeat enemies with the Thunderclap melee ability. Nearby targets are also hit with lightning strikes, which are buffed if you are Amplified.

Can you farm exotic armor in lost sectors?

Unlike dungeons and raids, where you only have limited weekly opportunities to grab the exotic, you can farm lost sector’s to your heart’s content, and considering the drop rates for some of the exotic armor pieces, it’s likely that you’ll have to. If you’re just starting out and have never done a Legend lost sector before, you’ll have to do the regular lost sector first in order to unlock the icon on the map. It also wouldn’t hurt to reach 1570 power.

When you do your first Legend, make sure to check the champions you’ll be fighting using the map, and unlock the relevant anti-champion mods in the seasonal artifact so you can stun and damage them properly. You’ll also want to bring an energy weapon that matches the shield type, so you can strip shields from enemies.

Legend and Master lost sectors actually drop all exotic armour, so they can be a great way of farming what you don’t have if you’re starting a fresh class. However, you will have to run the lost sectors solo in order to have a chance of dropping exotics at all. Simply head to the relevant lost sector, shown by the marker on the map, and rather than running inside, activate the flag near the entrance and choose your difficulty to begin. You only have limited lives and time before permadeath kicks in and you won’t be able to revive anymore, but you can earn more lives by defeating champions.