The Title Of Capcom's Next Monster Hunter Game May Have Been Leaked 1

The Title Of Capcom’s Next Monster Hunter Game May Have Been Leaked

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Monster Hunter World
Image: Capcom

Capcom released Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak at the end of last month, and while it’s got a full roadmap planned for this new DLC, it seems it could be gearing up for an announcement of the next major Monster Hunter game in the near future.

Following on from the Capcom leaks in 2020, which suggested fans would be seeing ‘Monster Hunter 6‘ at some point in Q2, 2023 – a Discord leak has now seemingly revealed evidence of a new game called ‘Monster Hunter Paradise‘. Keep in mind none of this has been officially confirmed.

As explained in a now-deleted tweet (via VGC), a placeholder event on Discord scheduled for later this year will apparently invite players to claim a code for this new game. At the moment, this code doesn’t actually do anything, and it’s not unclear what exactly it redeems, but it does appear to confirm the platforms.

As somewhat expected, the Switch does not appear to have made the cut. The platforms mentioned include Xbox, PlayStation and PC. This game will reportedly be a follow-up to Monster Hunter World, which was released on every modern game platform in 2018, except for a Nintendo system.

Capcom has previously said “no” to Monster Hunter World coming to the Nintendo Switch on multiple occasions. When the game was originally in development, the Switch hadn’t even been announced, and Capcom opted with the most “powerful” current generation consoles at the time.

Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak has already sold 3 million units worldwide, with Capcom also revealing the base game has sold 10 million units globally. In contrast, Monster Hunter World has sold around 18 million units since it was launched.

Would you like to see the next major Monster Hunter game come to a Nintendo system? Does Nintendo maybe need to perhaps release some more powerful hardware to encourage Capcom? Tell us your own thoughts in the comment section.