Pimax's 8k VR headsets just got a 120Hz upgrade 1

Pimax’s 8k VR headsets just got a 120Hz upgrade

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Pimax's 8k VR headsets just got a 120Hz upgrade 2
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It’s becoming more and more likely that you’ll walk into someone’s home and see a VR headset thanks to the uptake of more affordable and easy to work with options like the Oculus Quest 2 (opens in new tab). For a long time, VR was an enthusiast only hobby, with idiots like myself spending thousands to play with dev kits to get a taste of what was coming for Virtual Reality.

Thankfully, enthusiasts looking to spend a little extra on their VR experiences today are getting a much better deal. Rather than playing with awkward experimental tech, they’re able to invest in amazing VR kit that’s leagues ahead. Pimax is one brand that specialises in VR headsets and for those looking for a more complete experience, the brands impressive 8k headsets just got even better.

Pimax has increased the refresh rate of its Pimax 8KX headsets from 90Hz to 120Hz. When Pimax refers to a headset as 8k, it means that the two screens for each eye make up the total. This means this headset actually has a resolution of about 4k per eye, which is still pretty insane. These Pimax headsets also support the full 200-degree field of view which made all the difference when we tried it (opens in new tab).

All of these standard Pimax features, plus the new upgrade in refresh rate should make for some absolutely buttery smooth VR experiences, assuming your kit can handle it (opens in new tab). And don’t forget you may need to get some tracking accessories to go with it.

According to the press release, Pimax has been working on this effort in conjunction with Nvidia. The gain is found by speeding up the data transfer and improving signal quality between the PCs GPU and the Pimax headset. Because of this, we’re betting it works better on Nvidia powered devices. You’d also want a pretty hefty machine to power one of these headsets to begin with, but again, we are talking about enthusiasts.

The other benefit to a Pimax headset is the trade-in system the company offers. This allows people to exchange their old headsets to upgrade to newer ones and the deals are usually pretty reasonable. It’s an especially good deal if you’re looking to upgrade to the 12K headset when Pimax releases it (opens in new tab). If you’re someone who likes to stay on the cutting edge of VR, it seems like a great system.

This upgrade in refresh rate is said to be rolled out to recently produced Pimax 8KX headsets and the website doesn’t reflect that change on its listings yet. Some of the headsets are also on sale, which could indicate they’re getting rid of old stock that may not support the new 120Hz refresh rate. It’s likely a good idea to check with Pimax before making your purchase, just in case.