SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo, 4X With RPG Elements 1

SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo, 4X With RPG Elements

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SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo, 4X With RPG Elements 2

Rule The World From Your Second Hand Mage’s Tower

Owned By Gravity, the designers of SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo have decided to do something a bit different in their new swords & sorcery 4X game.  In most of these games, from Age of Wonders to Heroes of Might And Magic, the heroes you recruit to lead your armies lack any personality.  Instead they are just an especially powerful unit you dump points into to give them more skills, then load them up on gear and send them on their way.

In SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo the heroes you recruit have their own goals, personalities and backstories.  They will only work for you if you promise to do something for them, generally ensuring they can complete the personal quest they are on.  If you ignore them it sounds like they will simply walk away after a while.  The heroes are not the only ones that will generate adventures for you to complete, various locations, NPCs and even random encounters could spawn new quests for you to complete.  According to what the developers told Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN there are already 600 fully written quests, with dialogue in the demo version Owned By Gravity showed off.

You will still see many of the usual mechanics of this type of game, armies are limited to six units in total and battles are turn based.  City building seems to differ, with the focus on upgrading the mage tower you inherited as opposed to taking over cities and turning them into troop factories.  Instead you will need to make friends with them, or perhaps make enemies of them and lose the opportunity to complete the quests they offer.

Take a peek at the SpellForce: Conquest Of Eo teaser if you are curious.