Koei Tecmo's Touken Ranbu Warriors Gets Free Demo On Switch Today 1

Koei Tecmo’s Touken Ranbu Warriors Gets Free Demo On Switch Today

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Koei Tecmo's Touken Ranbu Warriors Gets Free Demo On Switch Today 2

Koei Tecmo has released a free demo for its upcoming game, Touken Ranbu Warriors. A collaboration between the Musou (Warriors) series and Touken Ranbu — a free online browser card game — launches on Switch on 24th May, so this will give fans a taste of what’s to come a week ahead of time.

The demo will let you carry over your save data to the full game when it launches next week. In the demo, you’ll be able to play through the prologue as well as try out all 15 playable members of the Touken Danshi.

Not only that, Koei Tecmo has kicked off a Photo Campaign competition. Starting from today, until 23rd May, players who download the demo can dive into Photo Mode, take pictures of their favourite moments, and share them on social media. Three fans will be able to win a limited edition poster and two keychains with two different characters, and three others can win a digital copy of Touken Ranbu Warriors! You can find out more about the competition on the game’s official website.

It might be one to try out before release, too. In our import review of the Japanese version, we gave the game a 5/10, where he had praise for the visuals, but felt the game brought nothing new to the Warriors formula:

For a game based more or less on a formula established over 20 years ago, Touken Ranbu Warriors – in terms of core gameplay – is nothing new to Musou veterans. It’s an almost excessively lax variation on the template, though, in which the actual ‘Easy Mode’ offers almost no resistance at all. It feels less like wading into a battlefield teeming with bloodthirsty enemies and more like sweeping an endless succession of floors littered with trash.

Let us know if you’re interested in this new Warriors spin-off in the comments.