Sega Plans To Leverage More Past IP With 'Remasters, Remakes, Reboots' 1

Sega Plans To Leverage More Past IP With ‘Remasters, Remakes, Reboots’

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Sonic Frontier
Image: SEGA

As part of its financial earnings report, SEGA Sammy Group announced that it will leverage existing and past IP by means of “remasters, remakes, reboots, etc”, aiming to strengthen its core properties by FY2024. The company also makes reference to the so-called ‘Super Games‘ which, if you cast your mind back, may include IP such as Crazy Taxi and Jet Set Radio.

Here’s the full quote from SEGA Sammy’s report:

“The core strategies of the new medium-term plan center around digging deeper into key existing IPs like Sonic, PHANTASY STAR, YAKUZA (Ryu ga Gotoku), Persona, and Total War and offering these to global markets. We are also taking up the challenge of “Super Games” within five years. Also, given our large pool of IPs that enjoy strong global recognition, we will actively leverage past IPs and further develop them, that is, by means of remasters, remakes, reboots, etc.”

SEGA Sammy explains that its medium-term plan is to “break out of the current situation and become a truly sustainable corporate group”; they have labeled this plan ‘Beyond the Status Quo’. The company has high ambitions for its upcoming Super Games, stating that the long-term aim is for each game to bring in sales of ¥100 billion (approx $766 million) over their lifetimes”.

The question, of course, is what kind of games we’re likely to see in the next couple of years. Could we finally see a Switch port of Persona 4 and 5? Maybe the Yakuza series will make its way onto Nintendo’s platform. Who knows!

What games would you like to see from SEGA in the coming months and years? Sound off in the comments below!