World of Warships gets spooky in time for Halloween

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It’s the time of the year that candy-hungry children and aging goths look forward to: Halloween. Along with chocolate and ghost tours comes the traditional World of Warships update, bringing spooky new game modes—and some old faves—along with it.

World of Warships’ October update boasts a new temporary battle mode, Twilight Hunt, that lets 16 players team up against live and AI opponents in an effort to seek out and destroy the Twilight Fleet, led by the infamous (and possibly haunted) battleship Rasputin. Old Halloween favourites Operation Saving Transylvania and Sunray in Darkness will also be back for the holiday period. Elsewhere, there are three monstrous creature ships for captains who really want to embrace their horrific side: Fangblade, Thornridge, and Lobster-Eyed. Expect a lot of tentacles.

World of Warships

(Image credit: Wargaming)

The update also sees a host of new German battleships hitting the game in early access. There’s new BBs ranging from Tiers III to IX, armed with super accurate main guns and a host of consumables to give captains the edge over enemy combatants. And you can earn Doublins via Personal Challenges to bid for the Tier X battleship Schlieffen.

Personal Challenges let players work through a series of missions; with each victory you move on to the next challenge, earning coal and German Tokens along the way, which lets you unlock ships in early access, as well as nab a selection of camouflage patterns and flags.

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Will Rasputin be as hard to kill as the real Russian priest? Find out soon, when the update launches on the 21st of October.