Happy Halloween! There are Luigi's Mansion Lego sets on the way 1

Happy Halloween! There are Luigi’s Mansion Lego sets on the way

*Luigi not included. Nintendo has revealed it’s partnered with Lego to bring us three new Lego Nintendo-themed sets and this time, they’re based upon everyone’s favourite sidekick and his spooky adventures in Luigi’s Mansion. “Snap on your Poltergust and get ready for some fun!” teases the trailer’s description. “Defeat ghostly enemies, solve puzzles, and discover new […]

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Yep, Skyrim has spider grenades 7

Yep, Skyrim has spider grenades

The other week on the Skyrim subreddit, a player explained that, despite years of playing Bethesda’s vehicle for cool mods, they’d come across something they’d never seen before: craftable spiders you can throw at people. Spiders that explode into flame, jumping shock spiders, poison spiders, mind control spiders, and more. Over the next several days, […]

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