The puzzle box is open: Pinhead joins Dead by Daylight

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 Hello, People of the Fog!   

If one were to create a Mount Rushmore of 80s horror icons, you’d be hard-pressed not to include Hellraiser’s Pinhead on the side of that cliff. Even though, let’s face it, he’d be an absolute nightmare to sculpt.  

Few villains can claim to be as memorable, prolific, and downright original as this staple of horror cinema. All the more reason it was so important to do Pinhead justice as we welcomed him into Dead by Daylight.  

We tapped our creative team to shed some light on the process, the pleasure, and the pain of taking everything that makes Pinhead unique… and translating it into a video game. 

The Hellraiser Chapter is available now in Dead by Daylight!  

Pinhead’s power: Summons of Pain  

In Dead by Daylight, Pinhead’s main power is called Summons of Pain. Players can open a gateway, summoning a chain from the depths of Hell which they control and guide towards a Survivor, latching onto them and slowing them down. 

“This unique power lets players bring an aspect of control to a ranged attack since they get to guide their own projectiles. The biggest challenge for players then becomes mastering the strategies and mind games of where and when to place the gateway to launch the chain,” continued Matt. “One great aspect of this power players might not think of immediately is that you can open a gateway without actually summoning a chain allowing you to scout info without committing to a physical presence in certain areas of the map.” 

The game design team then turned their attention to making sure that those same classic Hellraiser themes of pain and torture were well represented in each of Pinhead’s perks for players looking to torment Survivors to the fullest.  

Pinhead’s perk: Deadlock 

Deadlock crushes the Survivor’s hopes by blocking the generator with the most repair progress any time another generator is completely repaired.  

Pinhead’s perk: Hex: Plaything 

Hex: Plaything ratchets up a victim’s suffering by cursing a Survivor when they’re first hooked. The curse applies the Oblivious status effect, meaning that they don’t hear a heartbeat when Pinhead approaches, creating extra tension.  

Pinhead’s perk: Scourge: Gift of Pain 

Scourge: Gift of Pain creates several Scourge Hooks around the map that apply negative status effects, Mangled and Hemorrhage, to any Survivor who is removed from one of these hooks. After being healed, their repair and healing speeds are reduced until they’re injured again.  

Solving the puzzle box: 

One of the most unique elements of Hellraiser lore has always been the infamous, enigmatic Cenobite puzzle box, also known as the Lament Configuration. The Pinhead experience in Dead by Daylight just wouldn’t be complete without it playing a major role in gameplay.  

“We always wanted the puzzle box to be a big part of the Chapter,” shared Matt. “It’s the whole catalyst for the Cenobites coming to Earth after all! Finding a fun, organic way to integrate it into our gameplay while respecting the mythology was the challenging part.” 

Whenever Pinhead is part of a trial, the Lament Configuration puzzle box will spawn somewhere on the map waiting to be found by either a Survivor… or The Cenobite.  

“As the trial progresses, Survivors come closer and closer to triggering a Chain Hunt. The only way to postpone that threat is if a Survivor picks up the puzzle box. This results in them being threatened by chains until they decide to solve it. If The Cenobite reacts quickly enough, they can teleport directly to the Survivor who has it,” added Matt.  

“If Pinhead finds it first, he can trigger a Chain Hunt for all remaining Survivors in a trial. It should be an interesting element of gameplay for both Killers and Survivors to engage with, and it came from exploring a bunch of different motivations for why players would not just want to interact with the puzzle box, but also solve it. We’re really happy with where things ended up as we feel it ticks all those boxes. Pun intended.” 

The Hellraiser Chapter will be available in Dead by Daylight today for PS4 and PS5.  

See you in the Fog!