MSI’s mITX MPG B550i Gaming Edge WiFi 1

MSI’s mITX MPG B550i Gaming Edge WiFi

MSI’s mITX MPG B550i Gaming Edge WiFi 2

A Capable Little Motherboard

There is not a lot of choice when it comes to AMD mITX motherboards, for instance the only new one MSI offers is the MPG B550I GAMING EDGE WIFI.  Thankfully they do not charge a premium because of the rarity, at ~$200 it is quite reasonably priced for a modern AMD motherboard, especially considering the extras which MSI included in this motherboard.

The power design includes an 8+2+1 power phases with Dr.MOS 60A VRMs that are covered by some beefy heatsinks.  The implementation is obviously effective, The FPS Review were able to push their Ryzen 7 3700X up to 4.45 GHz without needing to adjust voltages in the least.  You will only find a single PCIe 16x slot due to the size of the board however they did sneak a second M.2 port onto the back of the motherboard.  The second M.2 doesn’t have the same FROZR heatsink as the one on the front and you’d best remember to install it before the motherboard but the inclusion is a great addition to a mITX board.

Another nice inclusion is the 2.5 GHz LAN port now commonly installed on higher end motherboards, and a very good addition considering the WiFi tested at an average transfer speed of 58.96 Mbits/s.  There are four SATA ports for older style storage, and on the back you will find both a Type-A and a Type-C USB 3.2 plug in addition to four older USB plugs.  If you pick up an APU for this board you will be limited to HDMI 2.1 without adding a GPU, which should be satisfactory for most usage.

That is only scratching the surface of the review, so check out the entire thing.