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Audio-Technica Creator Pack; Make Art Like Us

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Audio-Technica Creator Pack; Make Art Like Us 2

On Second Thought, Aim Higher … You Can Do Better!

The first step in setting up a podcast or Twitch livestream is to convince yourself to just do it, to borrow a phrase.  Once you’ve convinced yourself, and possibly some others, to abandon all shame and put yourselves out there for the public to see, then you need to start thinking about hardware.  You’ll need a camera of somewhat decent quality of course but it is the audio which is the most important piece of the puzzle.  If the audio on your stream sucks, a great camera is not going to save you.

The Audio-Technica Creator Pack aims to give you a handy starting point, providing a microphone with a boom arm, and desktop tripod as well as a pair of monitor headphones all for $200.  The headset is the ATR2500x-USB cardioid condenser USB-C mic which can provide up to a 24-bit/192 kHz signal and provides a 3.5mm jack to allow you to monitor the microphone input without any delay whatsoever.  TechPowerUp were quiet satisfied with the quality of the audio from this mic, there are better but they will cost you more than this entire bundle to pick up.

The headset is the Audio-Technica ATH-M20x which uses 40-mm dynamic speaker drivers and offers very neutral sound to ensure that the audio you are providing is clear and doesn’t add effects which are not actually present on your recorded audio.  The headset ships with fairly basic earcups but as this is a popular model it is easy to find more impressive replacement earcups if you so desire.  With a response range of 15–20,000 Hz and impedance:of 96 dB/47 Ω it is both an effective and easy to drive set of monitor headphones.

Check out recordings of audio as well as a final verdict over at TechPowerUp.