Street Fighter V Season 5 begins February 22

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Hey there PlayStation Nation! Are you ready for new info on Season 5 of Street Fighter V?

Speaking of five, did you know Street Fighter V is about to become five years old? February 16, 2016 was the original release of Street Fighter V, but that was just the beginning. Now, thanks to your continued support, going beyond the battle with every round of every match, SFV has become one of the most robust and competitive fighting games of this generation. So, thank you for joining us in this five year journey so far!

But we’re not done yet! We’re starting the 5th anniversary celebration with Season 5, so get ready for a breakdown of some of the latest news from our Street Fighter V Winter Update, including upcoming characters Dan, Rose, the new V-Shift mechanic and more! For a full rundown, check out the Winter Update video below: