Patched Your Chromium Yet? 1

Patched Your Chromium Yet?

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Patched Your Chromium Yet? 2

They Announced It Friday, So Better Double Check

If you happen to have a Chromium based browser on your system, and chances are that Edge is hanging around somewhere even if you haven’t installed Chrome, Vivaldi and many others, you should double check you have the newest version.  The version of Chromium you should be looking for is 88.0.4324.150, which you should be able to check by pasting chrome://version into a tab, the browser should redirect you to the proper details page if you aren’t using Chrome.

The vulnerability was discovered by software architect Mattias Buelens back in late January, as some type of heap buffer overflow.  The details are somewhat lacking, apart from the general type of vulnerability but hopefully we will see an update on this page at some point.  We may need to wait for the full 14 weeks specified by Google, though there is hope we will know sooner.

Unfortunately, there have been attacks spotted in the wild so you should really check to ensure you are not being Brave, but instead foolhardy.   Pop by The Register to garner more information on this vulnerability as well as several other recently mitigated issues.