Co-op puzzler We Were Here is available on PS4 for free now

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Surprise! We just released the first game in the We Were Here series on PlayStation Store today for PS4, and it’s free to download for a limited time! The rest of the We Were Here series will also be coming to PlayStation 4 on February 23 (and of course all three games are playable on PS5 as well)! It’s a perfect opportunity to try out the game and see if you vibe with our brand of online co-op puzzle solving in a sinister castle.

So, just what are you getting into?

If you don’t know, our games are cooperative first-person puzzle adventures where your goal is to escape, and all you have is a pair of walkie-talkies. You and your partner will be challenged to work together on the same wavelength in order to solve puzzles and explore.

Each game is two player online co-op only, in which players take the roles of Antarctic explorers. The first two games We Were Here and We Were Here Too see players forced to seek cover by a blinding snowstorm, when they come across Castle Rock – a mysterious medieval castle in the wastes of Antarctica. Upon entering, you become separated from each other – can you and your friend escape Castle Rock?