This leaked image hints Sony first-party games might soon be coming to Xbox consoles too 1

This leaked image hints Sony first-party games might soon be coming to Xbox consoles too


Show down.

According to a new rumour, Sony will soon be porting PlayStation Studios’ games to rival consoles starting with The Show 21.

Instagrammer Anerdydad – who has a sound record of leaking covers ahead of formal confirmation (as well as dozens of Funko Pop collectibles) – has posted two leaked images of The Show 21’s front cover, a baseball game developed by PlayStation Studios. We knew it was coming, but this is the first time we’ve seen PlayStation Studios’ branding alongside Xbox logos.

While one features Tatis Jr. with the PS5 branding, the other is a mock-up for Xbox One, complete with PS Studios logo (thanks, VGC). The leaker has seen the cover image for the Xbox Series X too, but says it’s currently just “a black cover with the MLB 21 logo”.

If true, it might be the first first-party-developed PlayStation game to be released on Microsoft’s rival Xbox console.

Image credit: Anerdydad, Instagram

It’s not a totally preposterous idea, of course, that more Sony games will follow suite given Sony has already committed to releasing more of its first-party PlayStation games on PC. In its 2020 corporate report, Sony talked about the future of PlayStation and the then-upcoming release of PlayStation 5, but buried within the generic, non-committal notes was a single nugget: “We will explore expanding our first-party titles to the PC platform, in order to promote further growth in our profitability”. And it may, of course, be a one-off licensed title. Watch this space, I guess.

Up until now, PlayStation has largely ignored PC, instead focusing on creating exclusives for its consoles. While its marketing for PS5 has reinforced the idea of console exclusives, Sony has begun to dabble with putting its PlayStation games on PC, with the release of PS4 exclusives Death Stranding Horizon Zero Dawn on Steam last year.