The NES Is Getting A New Game That’s All About Putting Out Fires


Karu_gamo, the developer behind Japanese cult classics Protect Me Knight, Gotta Protectors and Amazon’s Running Diet, is bringing a new game to the NES / Famicom.

Blazing Rangers – or Honō no Rangerman as it is known in Japan – has been developed with mapper0 restrictions in mind, making it akin to some of the earliest releases for Nintendo’s 8-bit console. It’s a single-screen action game which places you in the role of a firefighter who must rescue kids from burning buildings.

Here are some key points, direct from the PR:

– Exciting & unique fire-fighting gameplay for FC and compatible hardware
– More than 32 challenging levels with many hidden secrets
– A wide array of power-ups and enemies
– Two different game modes with strong changes to the game-play
– 2-player co-operative play, a partner can join the game at any time
– Randomly generated dangers, each play-through will challenge you in new ways
– The game was developed with mapper0 restrictions, which were the earliest cartridges for NES & FC

Blazing Rangers

Blazing Rangers is getting a physical release thanks to First Press Games, which is scheduled for May of this year; the Japanese version, Honō no Rangerman, is scheduled to arrive a month earlier in April, because NES cartridges require different parts to the Famicom ones.

Pre-Orders open from on 30th January at 12:00 (noon) CET / 6:00 AM EST, so be sure to bookmark First Press Games’ site if you’re interested in securing a copy. The physical game comes in Regular, Collector’s Edition or Super Bundle editions, with the latter housing both the Regular and Collector’s variants.

The prices are as follows:

Regular Edition
JP – 54.99€
EU – 54.99€
US – 54.99€

Collector’s Edition
JP – 79.99€, limited to 500 pieces
EU – 79.99€, limited to 300 pieces
US – 79.99€, limited to 300 pieces

Super Bundle
JP – 169.99€, limited to 200 pieces
EU – 169.99€, limited to 100 pieces
US – 169.99€, limited to 100 pieces

Blazing Rangers