Nintendo Unveils Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch Console 1

Nintendo Unveils Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch Console

Nintendo Unveils Monster Hunter Rise Special Edition Switch Console 2

You should give it a shot. Buy Rise and make a genuine effort to learn the mechanics. It’s the best video game series of all time imo (and in the opinion of many, many others). Everyone loves monster hunter, they just have to play long enough to realize it 😉 (for real though, it’s a game that demands you learn how to play properly before you really start having a lot of fun but once you do, oh my gosh, it’ll make every other game feel boring by comparison).

I happened to get into the series by chance. Was a more casual gamer, 1st party Nintendo games only, bought MH3U on Wii U to try, gave up after the first hour because I wasn’t hunting big monsters yet and it seemed boring. Coworker kept going on and on about just wanting to play some MH. Bought a Wii U specifically to play MH3U. So I decided I would hunt online with him once or twice. And that was it. 600 hours later and I had found my new favorite video game of all time. We’re talking 48 hour binges staying up all night playing, call ins to work, etc. It’s an addiction like nothing else (barring actual drugs).

30 hours into the demo already. That’s more than many full price games. And there’s only two quests lol. That’s how fun it is. It’s INSANELY GOOD. But I don’t recommend you play the demo because it’ll just turn you off, because it doesn’t give you time to properly learn all the mechanics. And most gamers treat it like they treat every other game- hop in, do a 15 minute quest, say “I don’t like this”, move on and tell themselves they just don’t like Monster Hunter. Which is unfortunate, because it’s not like Zelda or Mario where you “get it” after 15 minutes.

These are the five stages of every new Monster Hunter player, ever.

1) Rejection Game feels slow, sluggish, mechanics seem designed to annoy you. Why no monster health bar? Why do roars interrupt you? Why does it take so long to get back up when knocked down? Why does moving feel so slow when weapon is drawn? This game sucks. I don’t like it.

2) Intrigue Game still feels slow and sluggish, mechanics still seem designed to annoy. But the fun is starting to peek through here and there. Player feels first thrill of hitting a wall with a monster that smashes them. Player still sucks and has no clue what they’re doing, but they are starting to make incremental improvements in select areas.

3) Excitement Game is starting to open up. Player is learning the mechanics, and while they still feel somewhat overwhelmed, they don’t feel nearly as overwhelmed as when they started. Player is getting the rhythm of their combos down. Player is learning to dodge. Player has come to terms with the animation commitments the game revolves around. No longer is the player fighting without sheathing their weapon in between attacks. Player is starting to learn basic tactics.

4) Enlightenment Now the player’s eyes have been opened. They see the light. The game that felt so sluggish and unresponsive and boring is now incredibly exciting, and the thrill of the hunt continues to lure them more and more. They get it now. The combat system now feels more incredible and exciting than any combat system of any game they’ve ever played, with frame perfect precision. The player now understands this is a very special game. They realize they had been wrong about it.

5) Addiction The player is now hopelessly addicted to Monster Hunter. There is no other game that can pull them away at this point. They’re all in. Monster Hunter is life. Hundreds of hours stack up. Weekend binges without sleep. Work call ins. If it weren’t for the fact all games must inevitably come to an end, they would play for the rest of their natural life.

Most never make it past stage 1 before writing it off though.