Top Upcoming RPGs For 2021 And Beyond 1

Top Upcoming RPGs For 2021 And Beyond

Top Upcoming RPGs For 2021 And Beyond 2

The Disgaea games have become a successful offbeat formula from their tactical strategy RPG beginnings. The franchise has brought all kinds of fun things to the genre amidst a bizarre backdrop with weird characters and colorful levels. Want to level up your characters to basically infinity? Sure why not. Crank your damage numbers into sheer absurdity? Yep. How about diving into your item collection, selecting an item, and then going for a dungeon dive inside it? Item world! And of course, there are always Prinnies everywhere to keep a smile on your face even as you grind your mind off in map after map. Hey, they can blow up too, dood!

Disgaea 6 is unlikely to break any of the franchise staples, but as new offerings in the series often do, gently iterate and add on to an already well-established blueprint. For fans, that will probably be enough to explore another weird world fully of sassy and strange characters. The Switch seems like a premium platform for the strategy RPG, so it will be easy to grind on the go as you level your cast of characters into the stratosphere.

In fact, Disgaea 6 is almost a caricature of its own absurdity in this regard, as you can reach Level 99,999,999, and deal over 10,000,000,000,000,000 damage. Yep. Those are real RPG numbers, folks. You can auto-battle now too, so that’s perfect for when you’re dozing off in bed, the backseat of a car, or on a plane.

Disgaea 6 is expected to arrive summer this year.