Xbox Live Gold Is Not $120 1

Xbox Live Gold Is Not $120

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Xbox Live Gold Is Not $120 2

For Your Consideration, We Bring You An MBA’s Brilliant Idea

Microsoft came up with a win-win scenario last week, which they immediately implemented as there were no foreseeable negative consequences whatsoever.  Xbox Game Pass Ultimate is obviously the best choice for customers, as it combines the benefits of XBox Live Gold and XBox Gamepass but for some reason many people were opting to skip out on the benefits of Gamepass and only picking up the Live Gold membership. 

As it is obvious this must be a mistake made by the user, in order to make it easier to see that Game Pass Ultimate was the better choice the price of Live Gold should be doubled from $60 a year to $120 a year.  That would put the price within $60 of Ultimate which should encourage people to upgrade to the better choice.  At worst, if they refused to see the light then revenue from them would double without requiring Microsoft to offer more value from Gold Membership.

Within moments of this announcement came a baffling discovery; users didn’t appreciate this wonderful opportunity to give Microsoft more money.  In fact they were quite incensed about this change, enough so to email their complaints directly as well as venting their spleens on social media. 

The volume of complaints and threats to cancel the service altogether was large enough that within 14 hours, Microsoft had to revoke this offer and revert back to their current pricing scheme.

Who could have guessed people would react so negatively to this brainstorm?