The Corsair 5000D Finally Arrives 1

The Corsair 5000D Finally Arrives

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The Corsair 5000D Finally Arrives 2

The 5000D Is Surely Bigger, Find Out If It Is Better

The pending release of the 5000D was spilled in December but until today no one could get their hands on it to complete a review of the new Corsair case. Brett has a full review of the Airflow version here, with a slightly different look than the base model.  That base model is easily mistaken for a 4000D but from the side you can see it is significantly larger than the previous model.  It is 520 x 254 x 520mm (20.5L x 10W x 20.5″H) as compared to 453 x 230 x 466 for the 4000D, which gives a fair bit more space for Corsair to fit in extra features.

In one example, the cooling options are more than impressive whether you prefer air cooling or watercooling.  The front panel can handle three 120mm fans, two 140mm fans or the equivalent radiator, the top of the case can house the same and there is a single 120mm fan in the back.  That is not all however, as you can also install an additional three 120mm fans behind the motherboard tray thanks to the cutouts on the side panel to allow air to flow through.

In the Guru of 3D’s testing of the the case as it ships, with a 120m fan at the front and one at the back the cooling performance was quite satisfactory, the sound tests were even better as they demonstrated a case designed for quiet operations.   Adding additional fans will change that balance, increasing the sound pressure while improving cooling performance; or you could opt for Brett’s Airflow model which replaces the solid front panel with a mesh one.

Head on over to see the case stripped down as well as with a full system installed, not to mention more foliage than you will find in our review.