Fallout New Vegas – The Frontier Drops On Friday 1

Fallout New Vegas – The Frontier Drops On Friday

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Fallout New Vegas – The Frontier Drops On Friday 2

Now That’s A Total Conversion!

There is a lot to be excited about leading up to the release of The Frontier, a huge total conversion mod for Fallout New Vegas.  The mod will feature With 3 major questlines for the NCR, the Legion, and the Crusaders of Steel, with over 50 side quests to keep you occupied when you don’t feel like advancing the plot.   That will give you a long play time but isn’t the most impressive thing about this mod.

Weather will be coming to Fallout, with blizzards, fog, thunder and more making an appearance just in case your day isn’t interesting enough as it is.  The skybox has been replaced with upgraded textures and lighting and will support HDR to make it even prettier.  The mod also brings vehicles into the game, you will be able to drive not just tanks and cars but there is also mention of aerial dogfighting.  Those who like proper boss battles and arena combat will be happy to see their inclusion as well. 

As you should expect there will be new weapons and enemies to fight, as well as proper cutscenes and new dialogue to entertain you while you are not traipsing through the wilderness trying to depopulate it of nasty critters.  You can grab it from Steam on Friday if you don’t want to play with a mod manager.