Testing The Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP 1

Testing The Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP

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Testing The Phanteks Glacier One 240 MP 2

A Nice Mix Of Price And Performance

Phanteks’ Glacier One 240 MP is a worthy choice for someone looking for an easy to install AiO watercooler that needs minimal maintenance, not least of all because it sports a six year warranty.  The Glacier One 240 MP will fit any modern processor, up to and including Threadrippers with the included adapter and at 272 x 12 x 27mm (LxWxH) it will fit most cases which can handle a 240mm radiator.  The 120 fans are a nice highlight, white blades add a bit of flair without needing RGBs and the pump is from Asetek.

Modders-Inc tested the cooler on an Intel Core i7 9700K at both stock speeds and a 5.2GHz overclock in their open test bench.  That decent overclock did not stress the Glacier One 240 MP overly, temperatures under normal load sat in the mid 50C while using a stress test designed to emulate a worst case scenario it remained stable at 83C. 

The noise produced from these tests “from the fans and the pump is barely noticeable at lower RPM.“, a little louder under full load while overclocked but not if you remain at stock frequencies.  It runs you around $140 to pick up, and don’t fear about your glowing lights, while the fans are RGB-free the cold plate features an aRGB Infinity Mirror to satisfy your needs.