The Well Oiled 1STPLAYER LANG MK8 Keyboard 1

The Well Oiled 1STPLAYER LANG MK8 Keyboard

General Tech
The Well Oiled 1STPLAYER LANG MK8 Keyboard 2

Customize Your Keyboard

If you are a fan of mechanical keyboards and have very particular tastes then perhaps the 1STPLAYER LANG MK8 is a model you should check out.  The only option that seems off the table is a numberpad as it is a tenkeyless model, other than that you can chose a variety of switches, which you can swap out while working if you so desire, as well as some interesting software.

1STPLAYER offers you a choice of Gateron Yellow, Red, Black, Brown, or Blue switches, and regardless of your choice the package seems to include one of each so you can swap in other types to see if you might want to pick up some other switches; perhaps a hybrid mix with different keys having different switches.  They even offer to lubricate the switches for you before shipping it out.

The software for controlling macros and RGBs is unique to the LANG MK8, 1STPLAYER tends to modify their software for each product so you have to make sure you are grabbing the software specific to the LANG MK8.   This does not work as well in practice as you might expect, as TechPowerUp found the interface somewhat obscure in practice, but not enough to ruin the experience entirely.

Pop by for a look if switches are key to your enjoyment of your computer.