Is This An A14X Bionic? 1

Is This An A14X Bionic?

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Is This An A14X Bionic? 2

One More Thing Leaked Out

We might have a glimpse at Apple’s upcoming A14X Bionic, if these GeekBench benchmarks are accurate.  The chip in question, which may indeed be the A14X is an eight core big.LITTLE chip with a base clock of 1.80GHz with a top turbo clock of 3.10GHz and is paired with a GPU sporting 8GB of RAM.

In the single core benchmark, the mysterious chip scored 1634 which is in line with expectations, as the slightly lower clocked A14 scored 1,583.  That is certainly an improvement over the current Core-i9 processor which scores 1096 in the same test.  The multi-core scores are even more interesting, the chip thought to be the A14X comes in at 7220, compared to the A14 at 4657 and the i9 based Macbook Pro hits 6869.

This would mean that the in-house designed chip would outperform the current Macbook Pro in both single and multicore tasks, or at least in synthetic benchmarks.  We don’t have long to wait to find out, as the One More Thing event is scheduled for next Tuesday, November 10th and it is expected that the new MacBook Pro line will be a major part of that presentation.