Engage in Unmatched RISC-V Business With SiFive 1

Engage in Unmatched RISC-V Business With SiFive

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Engage in Unmatched RISC-V Business With SiFive 2

It’s Not SciFi, It’s The New HiFive Unmatched RISC-V Computer

Two years ago HiFive released their Unleashed RISC-V, a fully functional PC based on the open sourced architecture and it was snapped up by fans almost as fast as an Ampere GPU.  The original was based on a 1.5 GHz five-core FU540 SoC. and had fairly limited usage unless you added a $2000 expansion board from Microchip to give you HDMI, PCIe and other interfaces.  These features are predicted to be included with the Unmatched at launch.

HiFive is being a bit cagey about the full details of the Unmatched, but The Register did manage to accumulate a fair number of facts about the system.  This version will use a FU740 SoC fabbed on TSMC’s 28nm node which contains four RV64GC U74 CPU cores of an undisclosed frequency, and one RV64IMAC S7 core that will handle basic system tasks.  You will find 8GB of DDR4, 32GB of local SPI flash storage

It will offer two M.2 port, one for an SSD and one for WiFi or Bluetooth, a single PCIe 3.0 8x slot for an add-in card, four USB 3.2 ports, a microUSB, a console port, GPIO, UART, and PWMs.   There is also a microSD slot and a single gigabit LAN port to complete the feature set.  Debian or Fedora GNU/Linux are fully vetted to run but enterprising minds will likely expand that list rather quickly.  If you are interested in playing with a RISC-V system, it will only cost you $665 a little later in the year to pick up.