Taking Watch Dog Legions For Walkies 1

Taking Watch Dog Legions For Walkies

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Taking Watch Dog Legions For Walkies 2

Speaking Of The Borg; Assimilating Random Londoners Into Your Dedsec Cell

In the world of Watchdog Legion, everyone in this futurist London police state is a random encounter away from becoming a member of the underground resistance.  The premise of the newest Watchdog game is that you are able to recruit and then play as just about any person you encounter while travelling around the city, attempting to try to overthrow the evils of Zero Day, Albion, and frankly anyone one else you take offence to.

Ars Technica loved the design of future London, the environs are beautifully rendered and interesting to wander through causing all sorts of chaos.  They were also impressed with the feeling of gathering together a group of random citizens to create an active and effective resistance movement.  On the other hand the actual in game implementation doesn’t always work as well as you might want.  They also ran into AI issues in the many infiltration missions, with armed guards acting quite erratically.

The review over at Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN is a little different, existential angst from accidentally recreating a view that the reviewer used to see every day on a walk to a previous job aside.   With the experience of being a local, they were even more amused by the look of future London, the look of the characters and the random Cockney screaming which will accompany your travels.  Pop by to check out a slightly more chaotic look at the world of Watch Dogs Legion, with the occasional brief nod to the actual story.