Can I Haz Ray Tracing And DLSS This Year? 1

Can I Haz Ray Tracing And DLSS This Year?

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Can I Haz Ray Tracing And DLSS This Year? 2

Technically Much More Available Than An RTX 3080

There is an unfortunate lack of availability of NVIDIA products, both hardware and software recently and it is a trend we would all like to see come to an end sooner rather than later.  The number of games which will support ray tracing and DLSS is higher than the number of Ampere cards available to run those games on but the total count remains low and frankly rather inconsistent.

There are a number of games which were to support one or both of those features at launch which, in fact, did not and a subset of those games which still don’t seem to properly support them yet either.  Oddly Fortnite and Minecraft are two examples of a successful application of ray tracing to games, as well as Battlefield V and Control to a lesser extent.  Then there are games like Assetto Corsa Competizione which have given up altogether.

There are more games coming, Atomic Heart and Cyberpunk 2077 have both been designed with these features in mind from the start for instance.  Others will support the features in part, for example Rock, Paper, SHOTGUN points out that DLSS works in Final Fantasy XV but only if you are playing at 4K and not at lesser resolutions.

If you aren’t too depressed by the current state of affairs you can see the current list of supported and soon to be supported games, including those games not yet released.